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Nurses: report every conviction

Professional licensing boards in California can set very high standards for license renewal. None is tougher than the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). By state law they are required to deny license renewal for many felony convictions. In practice, a license can be revoked for even minor infractions.

Will a DUI cause my nursing license to be revoked?

In short, a DUI can cause a nurse to lose their license. If you were arrested for a DUI, you may be terrified of losing your nursing license. A DUI is a violation of the Nursing Practice Act section 2762, “using any alcoholic beverages to an extent or manner dangerous or injurious to oneself, any other person, or the public”. The violation is a revocable offense.

How does a criminal record affect an architect license?

Professional boards are a common way to maintain standards across an industry. By regulating membership and licensing, a board can control who practices in the field and how they do it. Anyone who wants to be a professional architect in California must go through the California Architects Board.

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