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Doctors: Dealing with professional misconduct allegations

Accusations of professional misconduct can be startling. They can jeopardize your career and your reputation and you might not even understand why you were accused.

You may feel attacked or offended by the allegations. Even betrayed. If someone accuses you of professional misconduct, it’s important to remain calm. Don't let your emotions run high.

Nurses: report every conviction

Professional licensing boards in California can set very high standards for license renewal. None is tougher than the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). By state law they are required to deny license renewal for many felony convictions. In practice, a license can be revoked for even minor infractions.

If you have been convicted of any crime there is a good chance that it will influence your license. There are ways you can stay on top of this, however, and minimize the possibility that it is suspended or revoked pending a lengthy appeal process.

My pharmacy license was denied—what should I do?

As an up-and-coming pharmacist, you have studied long and hard to have a successful career. You have cleared every hurdle and are ready to enter the field as a professional pharmacist. Now, you have applied for your license with the State of California—only to have it rejected.

If you are a pharmacist and your license application has been denied, you are probably wondering what your next step should be. There are several reasons why the California State Board of Pharmacy would deny an applicant’s pharmacy license: Disciplinary action, arrest and conviction are three of the most common. Fortunately, the board does have options for pharmacists whose applications have been denied.

3 actions that can help reinstate your medical license

License revocation does not have to hold you back forever. Although you may have had a problem in the past, California recognizes that people can overcome the obstacles they face to become better physicians, surgeons or nurses.

The main way to convince a board that you are once more worthy of licensure is to eliminate any underlying problem as well as show that you are an upstanding citizen. In your hearing, the board will want to see evidence of your progress. This post suggests some positive steps you can take toward reinstatement.

Will a DUI cause my nursing license to be revoked?

In short, a DUI can cause a nurse to lose their license. If you were arrested for a DUI, you may be terrified of losing your nursing license. A DUI is a violation of the Nursing Practice Act section 2762, “using any alcoholic beverages to an extent or manner dangerous or injurious to oneself, any other person, or the public”. The violation is a revocable offense.

In typical DUI cases, the defendant must only worry about the criminal charges or the DUI and then the process of getting their driver’s license back. For registered nurses, they face the additional hurdle of the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN).

Doctors fear losing license if they seek mental healthcare

Our mental health is an important component of a healthy life. Recently, Prince Harry opened up about his mental health issues. He started a campaign “Heads Together” in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of seeking help.

But what happens when you are a doctor and job stress, family issues, and traumatic situations at work take their toll?

Student loan debt can lead to state-issued license being revoked

Student debt is the country's largest source of debt, outside of mortgages, and creditors are aggressively pursuing delinquent borrowers. Did you know, in the state of California and 19 other states, government agencies can revoke state-issued licenses from residents who fail to make student loan debt payments?

Drastic repayment measures 

3 tips to fight penalties from the Medical Board of California

A penalty from the Medical Board of California is not final. An appeal is possible. The right option will depend on the details of the penalty. These options include: reinstatement, early termination of probation or modification.

The odds of a successful request can be increased with these tips:

  • A complete petition packet
  • Proper submission
  • Hearing attendance

How does a criminal record affect an architect license?

Professional boards are a common way to maintain standards across an industry. By regulating membership and licensing, a board can control who practices in the field and how they do it. Anyone who wants to be a professional architect in California must go through the California Architects Board.

CAB describes its licensing requirements as “more flexible” than other states. While this suggests they are less strict than other state architect boards, the “good character” clause gives CAB discretion about who gets in and who is denied.

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